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About the Data Center

As a Tier III data center located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, West7Center is designed to support mission critical workloads and applications. This highly secure, carrier-neutral facility offers ultra-low latency direct connectivity with five (5) diverse entry points to the other major hubs, including One Wilshire Building, 600 W.7th, 900 N, Alameda (Coresite LAX 2), and 200 Bauchet St (Coresite LAX 3) in Downtown Los Angeles.
West7Center is an optimal global hub for telecommunications, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Over-the-Top (OTT) content and Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), enterprises, and other organizations that require reliable infrastructure to run their operations.
This facility is supported by two central plants with redundant backup power and cooling capacity, along with enough fuel to support up to 120 hours of uninterrupted power at full load without refueling. These capabilities are perfect to run core operations, or as a backup location to users’ primary operations.
West7Center provides full-service support to users including data center design, deployment, and operations support. W7C offers reliability, creativity, flexibility, and scalability to all sizes of mission critical operations. N+1, N+N, and 2N redundancy with concurrent maintainability operations can also be provided. Collectively, our engineering and operations team possesses over 80 years of experience in supporting data centers and is composed of industry-leading, certified, and knowledgeable professionals.
West7Center is powered by T5—the award winning platform provides unparalleled expertise in colocation data center facility management and operations to ensure data centers remain Forever On and data center user expectations are exceeded. T5 supports our customers with a full suite of data center services including facility management, staff augmentation, IT support services/smart hands, project management and data hall/infrastructure construction.
Total Power
Generator-Backed Power


Our central plant is powered by two (2) separate 34.5 KV transmission lines supplied by Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, which serve four (4) 3,750 KVA transformers. In addition, the Central Plant Expansion is powered by one (1) 7,500 KVA transformer. The combined capacity of both plants is 22.5 MVA. The Commercial Power Plants are served by two (2) diverse substations resulting in 22.5 MVA of total capacity.
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems ensure continuous and uninterrupted supply of power. Our Building UPS Power Plant is made of multiple parallel redundant UPS modules that can support up to 9600 kVA of total capacity. ​Our data center facility has multiple UPS systems that are designed ​and operated in at least an N + 1 redundancy. In addition, West7Center can also support the requirement of N+N and 2N redundancy with concurrent maintainability
West7Center’s HVAC Plants are designed and operated in an N+1 redundancy for supporting critical cooling in our facility. The chiller plants are made up of four (4) 1,250-ton, three (3) 1,000-ton, and two (2) 500-ton centrifugal chillers served by nine (9) cooling towers and four (4) 1,100-ton Title 24 compliant water-side economizers, resulting in high energy efficient PUE and cooling load factor.
The generator power systems at West7Center consist of two plants, which have a total capacity of 5.65 MW and 11.25 MW, respectively. Both plants are designed to operate in an N+1 redundancy and are supported by three 30,000-gallon underground fuel storage tanks, which can maintain generator power at full load for around 120 hours without refueling

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Work Order System
Typically, service requests will be attended to within 1 hour and resolved in 1-4 hours. In case of emergency, please call Engineering at 213.430.0710 (Available 24 x 7). Tenants of West 7 Center may submit service requests by using our online self-service work order system. The submitted requests will be queued directly to the appropriate department of the building. Types of services that may be entered using the work order system are:
  • Building Repair/Adjustments (Engineering)​
  • Visitor Registration (Security)
Metering System
West7Center provides an industry-graded Square D metering system that allows accurate, real-time power metering and monitoring for our major data center users in the facility. Please use the below link to access the tenant metering system.